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Introduction and overview of services


This document outlines the high level architectural design for SSN, Datalabs, SSN for organizations, SSN for initiatives and SSN user management API.

The overall architecture follows a micro-service based approach. Micro-service architecture - is an architectural style that structures an application as a collection of services that are:

  • Highly maintainable and testable

  • Loosely coupled

  • Independently deployable

  • Organized around business capabilities

  • Owned by a small team

The micro-service architecture enables us to rapidly and reliably develop and deliver complex applications. It also enables our organization to evolve its technology stack easily.

Adopting a micro-service approach for our project means that we have separate repositories for all major parts of our project. Below we list all available repositories with links to their documentation.



Social Safety Network

SSN For Organization

SSN Initiatives

SSN Authentication


Written by: Rising Odegua

Last Updated: 13th April 2021